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Subject: Constitution of a directory of prequalified suppliers, service providers and consultants.

As part of the implementation of its 2020 2023 action plan, PAMOJA West Africa is launching this notice of call for expression of interest in order to constitute a directory of suppliers, service providers and consultants . The areas concerned are grouped by heading and specified as follows:

Purchase of goods and services

  1. Computer and office equipment: Computers, printers and copier
  2. Generator

Purchase of services

3. Translation of documents;

4. Printing works (printing of newsletters, reports, capitalization documents),

5. Upkeep and maintenance of computer and office equipment,

6. Website creation: improvement of the graphic charter and updating of the website;

7. Design of a new logo for Pamoja WA.

Purchase of intellectual services

8. Study on educational approaches and alternatives in the countries of PRAQUE (Benin, Burkina-Faso, Niger, Mali and Chad)

9. Design of the PRAQUE advocacy and communication strategy to promote training offers (in literacy and adult education) in the sub-region

10. Carrying out organizational audit and drafting administrative, financial and accounting procedures manuals for national Pamoja;

11. Mid-term evaluation and final evaluation of projects.

Companies wishing to register must produce the following documents

  • A request addressed to the Coordinator of Pamoja AO and specifying the number and name of the field in which the company wishes to register,
  • A copy of the IFU registration certificate,
  • A copy of the trade register,
  • Evidence of experiences relating to the field for which the subscription is requested.

This evidence should be grouped by subject area.

Consultants must include with the request:

  • A CV (maximum 03 pages) highlighting the qualifications and experiences relating to the area of ​​competence;
  • A copy of the IFU registration certificate;
  • Proof of qualifications (diplomas) and experience relating to the field for which the subscription is requested.

This evidence should be grouped by domain.

Files drawn up in French/Englsih in two (2) copies, one of which must be submitted in a closed envelope with the mention “Approval for the delivery of goods and services and consultancy work (specify the number of areas)” at the head office of PAMOJA WA, located in Sikècodji in the street of the cooperative clinic, or by email, no later than May 21, 2021 at 5 p.m. sharp (Cotonou time).

The notice can be viewed at www.pamoja west
For any further information, please write to or contact the following telephone numbers: +229 95 76 04 80 or 97 47 64 07.

The Coordinator

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